Archer (Weapon Master)

Eyal Evron 1999


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Ability Requirements: Strength 9

                       Dexterity 16


Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Strength


Allowed Races: All


The Archer class is a part of the warrior group.


The Archer is an example of a specialized “Master” fighter, a master of a single type of weapon (and to weapons of the same type to a lesser degree).

The description of the Archer can be used as a guide for creating Master fighters of other weapons.


                  Master swordsman and Archers gain levels as Paladins\ Rangers.



Special Attributes:


The Archer is automatically specialized in a single type of bow

and does not have to spend any weapon proficiency points


The Archer can master a single type of bow

by devoting 3 extra (for a total of six) weapon proficiency points to that weapon

(This does not have to be done in character generation the points may be accumulated with level progression).

Bow Mastery gives a +3 bonus to hit and a +1 damage bonus (this only applies to composite bows).


Note: see the related Weapons bonus section in the PHB on page 52.


The Archer only suffers a –1 penalty

on medium range attacks and only a –3 penalty on long-range attacks.


The Archer must pay double the weapon proficiency points

In order to be proficient in a melee weapon (such as swords, clubs, axes etc.)

This only applies to melee weapons, thrown weapons and crossbows only need one


The Archer automatically receives the Bowyer/Fletcher proficiency

And does not have to spend any nonweapon proficiency points.



Use this table as your proficiency slots table (Table 34 in the PHB)


                                      Weapon proficiency                                         nonweapon proficiency



# Levels



# Levels











-1(with bows)