ארכיון החידות - עדכון ראשון

מאת: אבי סבג



You will find him in the mountains

And you'll find him in the creek

He has no mouth -

Yet he speaks in every tongue

He has no ears -

And yet will answer every cry

Always having the final word




He dresses in the heat

Undresses in the cold

His arms reaching for the sky

Ever tall and prude he stands

Like a sentinel in his post




Some times it's invoked by knowledge

Some times it's created by ignorance

At times it clouds your thoughts

At times it sharpens your mind

Once freezing bones and muscles

Once hasting your pass




The children use it in their game

 Most adults lose it along the years

 And the mad men are its prisoner




To each his Own to be faced alone

To its whim he mightiest of men are a pawn

It's ways and purposes are a mystifying riddle

We are all but puppets dancing to its fiddle

No escaping or controlling it

And yet every child can change it




Be it the beauty of a woman

Or the wise words of a sage

Names of friends or a long lost place

In time all will know her fatal embrace

Touched by her they will sink in her depths

Until dragged out by the hand of chance.




He murmurs with no mouth

He carries with no hands

Ever running never tires

Fear his anger but love him dearly

For he brings life throughout his path